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July 14



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Crash Adams’ pop songs carry the same kind of mood-boosting power as a hit of pure dopamine.




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Crash Adams’ pop songs carry the same kind of mood-boosting power as a hit of pure dopamine. After years of developing their magnetic personalities on social media, the Toronto-bred duo brought their energy to the world with the video for their nostalgic July breakthrough single “Give Me a Kiss.” Shot at the beach in Los Angeles, the clip captures Crash Adams handing out compliments to strangers and galvanizing them with a feel-good performance of the romantic, emotional pop song. “I never thought that all roads led to this,” they sing. “So give me a kiss.”  

Their infectious optimistic streak isn’t isolated to “Give Me a Kiss,” either. The name Crash Adams was inspired by the plot of Robin Williams’ 1998 film Patch Adams. “He offers his patients laughter, love, and kindness—just outside-the-box ways to make them happy,” Crash says. “Our goal with everybody we come across, whether we meet them or if they come to our show, is to raise their vibration. That's everything that we stand for.

”It feels more or less predestined that members Crash and Adams would be best friends. Their parents went on a double date before they were born, and beginning at age 4, they fulfilled that prophecy.

Adams grew up in Toronto and was solely obsessed with soccer until getting his first guitar aged 11. He was introduced to the entire Zeppelin catalog by a friend of his dad and he started trying to emulate Jimmy Page, playing guitar up to six hours a day before and after soccer practice.

Growing up roughly 30 minutes north of Toronto, Crash was surrounded by musicians and always knew he’d be an artist. He began DJing toward the end of high school and into college. Around 2018, he had to choose between pursuing his dream or becoming a chartered accountant. “I needed a guitarist, and I called Adams up, and he played the guitar on a song,” Crash says. “We were in the basement of his place, and we made ‘Astronauts’ together. We were like, ‘This is pretty good. Let’s just continue to make music.’ But it wasn’t good at all.”

They committed to becoming great. In 2019, they focused on content creation—organically building an online fan base—and found their niche with videos in which they wore vibrant suits and attracted the attention of unsuspecting strangers by lugging around a red couch from Crash’s grandmother’s house. It was, they say, a way of grabbing the ears of would-be listeners. “We’ve been musicians our entire lives, but content was the only way to get our music heard,” Adams says. “So we had to do what we had to do.”

The turning point came during the pandemic when they won a talent competition hosted by influencer Ryan Trahan. The profits helped fund the true beginning of Crash Adams, and grew their followers across Instagram and YouTube. Since then, they’ve refocused on making these energetic, infectious pop songs—reaching deep within themselves to create intimate, approachable tracks that have already resonated with millions of listeners around the world. From the memorable, melodic March 2020 single “Caroline” to the October 2022 romantic bop “Destination,” Crash Adams has generated 1.2 billion views and 43 million audio streams across platforms. For the duo, the success has been a sign that they’re on the right track—that everything they dreamed of is within reach. Not that they ever had any doubts.

“By manifesting and convincing yourself that something that you want is possible—and when I say convincing myself, I mean you’re literally delusional moving through life and doing things that you would do as if you were that person -eventually you become that person,” Adams says.